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Osita is back!

After many great years at Adobe, Richard Relph is once again available through Osita to take on your difficult assignment.

Past projects

To give you a flavor for the kinds of work Osita

Identify bugs in about-to-ship products

A major manufacturer of laser printers contracts with vendor A for hardware and vendor B for software, but discovers a bug in 5% of the first manufacturing run. Working for AMD at the time, Richard identified the bug in 1 week.

Java co-processor JIT compiler integration

A start-up produced a custom Java co-processor and needed to modify the JIT compiler in a major Java implementation to generate code to use the co-processor.

Dive-and-catch software from scratch

A set of 3 custom designed embedded systems to control window shades and TV screens in a private jet. The project was behind schedule in part because the original contractor was using Forth and failed to deal with the real-time aspects of the problem. A two-week effort rewriting the entire codebase in C and assembly kept this portion of the project from further adding to the late-delivery penalties.

Barcode / legacy integration

Assist a vendor integrating barcode scanners in to a shipping and receiving facility operating on very old terminal-based legacy ERP system. Implement code to interface to the scanners, do lookups in Oracle, and 'type' in to the legacy system, dealing with all the oddities that arise when simulating human speeds.

13 Nov 2009

Attending the ICCA convention in San Francisco.

7 Nov 2009

Osita opens its Internet doors!

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