Who we are

Richard A. Relph

Richard has been an employee of Data Terminals and Communications (DTC, 2+ years), Microsoft (sadly only 3 months), Elxsi (2+ years), AMD (8 years), and Adobe (8 years). He has consulted for Intel (6 months), AMD (1 year, before being hired), Adobe (3 months, before hiring), FMC (1 year), and several smaller firms. Richard, along with 4 others, founded Embedded Performance, Inc. (EPI) to build software and hardware tools for the Am29000 family of 32-bit RISC microprocessors. Richard was an active member of the ANSI C Committee, focusing on ensuring the usefulness of the standard in embedded systems.

About us

Where we work

Currently based in Orange County, California, Osita is available to assist on projects almost anywhere in the world, on-site, telecommuting, or a combination.

What we do

Our expertise is at the junction of hardware and software.

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